Blitz that shopping 


ShoppingBlitz learns how you shop. The more you shop, the better it gets.
Don't waste time walking round the store to pick up those all important missed items. 

Unhindered, we all generally walk through the store following the same pattern. However, we all add items to our shopping list in a random fashion - as and when the need arises.


ShoppingBlitz learns your patterns throughout each store so that when you add an item to your list it will appear in the correct order for your next shopping trip.

Create individual stores and select the same GROUP NAME to use the same list of items - the learning will be individual to each store.


It does need to learn your walk patterns though so on your first visit the items will be in the order you added them.

Be sure to tap on each item in the list in the order you pick them and the learning will steadily improve. 


Try it and you'll like it ! Visit the App Store now and search ShoppingBlitz   .  .  .


Unlimited Stores - add and delete as you please.


Group stores to share a common list of items, each matched to your shopping pattern.


Virtually unlimited shopping items.


Get it now and you'll Blitz it