Measure your tyre tread depth and easily estimate wear rate and mileage remaining. Before you hit the twisties, make sure you have enough rubber!




General Comments:


1. The purpose of the App is to estimate remaining tyre life.

2. Tyre wear can only be predicted on the assumption that your riding style remains the same and the road conditions are similar. If you ride more exuberantly when on a tour you must expect tyre wear-rate to increase accordingly. 

3. Two initial values (new tread depth, mileage when fitted) and two current values are all that is required.

4. Accurate and consistent depth measurements are essential to the usefulness of this App.


How and where to measure tread depth:


1. Locate the wear markers toward the centre of the tread.

2. You should measure down to the bottom of the tread and not the top of the wear marker.

3. Use a depth gauge or preferably vernier calipers.

4. Measure the tread depth adjacent to several wear markers to gauge the variation in the depth and/or measurement. Use the higher of the values measured for Initial Tread Depth and the lower value for Current Tread Depth. This will provide worst case figures for tyre replacement and mileage remaining etc.

5. Select 'Update Tyre Wear' on the Tyres screen and enter the measured depth and current mileage.

6. By default the App suggests a minimum tread depth of 1mm but this can be set to any value.


How the App calculates wear rates etc:


1. Wear rates are calculated from the new tread depth, the current tread depth and the mileage since fitting the tyre.

2. New tread depth, mileage when fitted and wear limit may all be amended via the Info Button on the Tyres screen.


General Usage:


1. Bikes can be re-ordered - press & hold, then drag to where you want.

2. Both bike and background images can be changed via the Info Button for the bike concerned.

3. Background images can be turned off completely via the Gear Icon on the Bikes screen.

4. Miles/kilometers, mm/inches, bar/psi may be changed at anytime. Conversion of all values is automatic.

5. Percentage Wear is displayed on the Bikes screen when wear data has been entered. At a default of 80% this will be highlighted Red but can be changed in Tread Depth Settings.

6. Mileage values displayed on the Tyres screen are rounded to the nearest 10 miles or 10km.

7. Individual bikes can be deleted via the Bike Info Button at the foot of the 'amend Bike' screen.

8. Two bikes are pre-installed to provide a quick start. They may be edited or deleted as necessary.

9. When adding a new tyre, previous data if available (size, make etc) is preloaded for convenience.